What Do You Do On Super Bowl Sunday?

We in Albany have a tradition that has been happening for about 10 years now.  We call it Super Bowl Blind Doubles.  It is a double-elimination doubles tournament that we run for the local players.  It gives us an opportunity to play against some people in our own club who we don't normally get to play during the rest of the year and keeps us healthy, clean and sober right up until game time.  Not a bad idea, huh?

About 3 weeks before the day, we start a sign-up sheet to gather 32 names.  We have settled on this number because it gives us a nice bracket of 16 teams to begin the day with. We then take the list and break it into four skill categories of "A" thru "D" (best thru worst) players.  Then we use a deck of cards (the Aces - eights of each suit) to make the pairings.  The red aces become partners (Hearts - is the "A" group; Diamonds is the "D" group) and play the black aces to begin.  The remaining matches are setup on the draw sheet in the same fashion.  The losers drop down into a second bracket where each team is placed on the draw in the order they lose.  No matter when a team loses, it still gets a chance to play one more time (at least) in the loser's bracket.

Things to be careful of: